PETBEAM Lighted Dog Collar Operating Instructions

PICTURE #1: Product Overview/Operation
Press On/Off Button 1x = Turns on steady white light
Press On/Off Button 2x = Turns off white light/activates red flasher
Press On/Off Button 3x = Turns off PETBEAM

*Note: Do not shine light directly into eyes

PICTURE #2: Battery Installation
Required Battery Type: 2 AAA (Triple A) Alkaline, Lithium, or Rechargeable NiMH
*See PICTURE #1 to access battery compartment - no special tools required. Install two AAA (Triple A) batteries according to polarity markings inside the battery compartment. Observe proper battery polarity when installing batteries. Snap latches closed after battery installation.

PICTURE #3: Collar/Adjustment
To loosen the collar, depress the cord-lock button and slide it away from the PETBEAM unit. With the unit facing the correct direction (PETBEAM lettering facing up), slip the collar over your pets’ head. Position the unit under your pets’ chin, above any other existing collars. Depress cord-lock button again and maintain slight tension on the pull-cords while sliding the cord-lock back toward the unit. Reverse this action to remove PETBEAM after use. To ensure a snug fit, one finger should fit between your pets’ neck and collar. Do not choke pet or pull collar cords too tightly. Ensure pet breathes easily. Use the "1-finger rule" as above-referenced for optimum safety, unit stability, comfort and flexible sizing:

S-M = 8" to 17" circumference
L-XL = 17" to 26" circumference

*Note: PETBEAM is not intended for use with a leash attached to the pull-cord system or any part of the unit.

If PETBEAM fails to light, check batteries for proper polarity installation, freshness, and type. Check unit for water, shake or blow out water, air dry. Ensure housing gasket is debris-free: gently wipe with soft, damp cloth, allow to dry.

*Never mix fresh and used batteries.
*Never mix different battery brands or chemistry types.
*Promptly remove drained batteries.
*Never allow your pet to chew, play with, or swallow the PETBEAM unit, batteries, collar, cords, lock, or accessories. Remain diligent with your pet at all times. In the event your pet ingests any part of the unit, batteries, collar, or accessories, contact your local veterinarian emergency services immediately.

Keep PETBEAM clean by gently wiping the exterior with a soft, damp cloth. Clean the collar by removing it from the unit (at each side of unit, the clip is split to allow removal and easy reattachment), wash in mild detergent and cold water, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water, allow to air dry.

*Note: Do not remove the circuit board, lens, LEDs, or any other PETBEAM parts. (Doing so voids any warranty provisions.)

PetBeam instructions

PETBEAM: Outdoor Lighting On Four Legs is a safety accessory for you and your pet. PETBEAM is not recommended for teacups or tiny toy breeds with neck circumference under 8". PETBEAM is water-resistant and not intended for total fresh- or salt-water immersion.

If your PETBEAM fails to operate, follow
these simple steps:
1) Check batteries. Replace if necessary.
2) *Request an RMA (Return/Repair Merchandise) number by calling or contacting CONTACT page, to send your light in for repair or replacement.

888-PET-BEAM (Outside CT)
203-878-1917 (Anywhere Within U.S.)
PETBEAM, C/O Linear Momentum, LLC
P.O. Box 3625
Milford, CT 06460
*No repairs will be accepted without an RMA number.

Return PETBEAM without batteries after receiving RMA number to the address provided above. Postage due and freight collect items will not be accepted.

PETBEAM is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for as long as you own this product. This warranty covers all of the component parts of the product except batteries. This warranty does not cover deterioration due to normal wear or damage due to misuse, alteration, negligence, accidents, or unauthorized repair. Parts which are defective in workmanship or materials will be replaced. After three unsuccessful attempts (within the warranty period) to repair the product, you have the right to elect replacement of the product or a refund of the purchase price less allowance for the use of the product. No incidental or consequential damages are included in this warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations may not apply to you.

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